Saturday, 23 May 2015

A day at Low Yat and a bad day for Abah



Writing is not my passion and thus blogging is always the last thing in my to-do list. This explains why this entry is the first entry in about 2 years. Haha. I started this blog to improve my writing in English and if possible to document my life here which is impossible due to my laziness. 

A brief intro about my self again.

My name is Nursyahirah binti Johari. I'm 25 years old currently studying in Melaka-Manipal Medical College. I just entered final year (Alhamdulillah) after passing the worst exam ever in my life. I'm a very enthusiastic person and I love talking to people but the problem is I always do not know to initiate the conversation first. I love to cook and eat my cooking. Hehe.

Today, my father decided to unsubscribe all Astro service in our house. Its not worth paying for repeated programs and bad service during rainy days. Therefore, I suggested to my father that what if we buy a Chromecast dongle for the TV. What is that? 

Its a small device which can mirror your android device (smartphones) or laptop to your TV. Yes, you can use your TV to watch Youtube and other videos (Read: Korean Drama) in HD quality. 

And so me, my father and my sister went to search for this thing at Low Yat Plaza in KL. Most of the shops sold an alternative to Chromecast which is Miracast. A doppleganger maybe? I did some research on these 2 and most said that Chromecast is better than the other one. While cruising through the shops, we bought a high power wireless router. The wifi signals in my house are not reachable in certain places. We hope with a more powerful router, the signal can reach further. 

I learned a few things about how to extend your wireless signal in your house from the uncle working in the shop:

1) Use a wifi repeater/extender 
2) Change to a new powerful router with bigger antenna
3) Place another router to the place with less signal while connecting it to a long cable.

So, we chose 2. My dad tried to bargain but the uncle insisted that he had given the best price. My father finally bought the router for RM150 cash.

However, today is truly not a good that for my father. 

1) We found the same router with much cheaper price. 
2) A car parked to close to our car's driver seat and my father had to crawl his way in from the other 'side. (p/s: My sis took the pleasure to write a lovely message on his dusty windscreen)
3) My mum just got back from her trip from Indonesia. She bought jeans and leather belt for my father. Jeans too tight, belt too short. 

We decided to buy the dongle online which is much more convenient and cheaper. 

Ok, too lazy to continue. Healer oppa is waiting for me to watch him in action. 



Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tsunami of Allah's Love

Assalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

Its 11.07 pm here in India and this mere human body of mine has started to feel the tiredness and demand its resting privilege. However, my heart is still feeling tsunami of Allah's love today. Alhamdulillah =)

Starting in the morning, with Allah's love and mercy, I was able to participate in a program called R.I.S.E (Revitalizing Islamic Spiritual Endeavour). Yup, you must be thinking, "Wow, what a fancy name!" (ME too).   It is not just about knowing about the difficulty of our brothers and sisters in other countries like Palestine, Syria and Myanmar. It is much more than that. If you knew, then what would you do? How do you help them? What is your answer in front of Allah when asked about your action to help your Muslim sisters?

First and foremost, start with yourself! Hijrah! Graduate from your Jahiliyyah! Use your ability to spread the goodness, the completeness of Islam as a way of life. You don't need to go to Palestine to do jihad, your jihad against your nafs (temptation) is the greatest jihad.

And then at night, there's a meeting with sisters group LIJ (Ladies in Jannah), we discussed about the ibrah (lessons) that we got from the event in the morning. We also listen to a presentation from one of the sister about the early of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

Today's a great day filled with rahmah from Him. I'm glad I'm surrounded by people who are not hesitate to do anything to receive His love. InsyaAllah, I also want to be one of them.   

Sunday, 14 October 2012

what inspires me to become a doctor?

for me, doctor is my ambition since i was around 6 years old and since then until now it never change. at first i thought there's nothing that inspires me to become a doctor cause i just wanted to become one (maybe a lil bit about money =p) but as i grow up i realize my mother inspires me the most. Ever since she's diagnosed with hypertension and borderline diabetes, she never fails to research more about her condition. She knows the normal blood glucose level and bp level and even know how to use a sphygmo (manual & auto), a glucometer (she is a BM teacher). she has a small notebook which has a recording of her bp for the past years. Amazing right!

She inspires me to become a doctor who will guide others instead of a doctor who will give orders...  

Sunday, 1 July 2012

the hectic life of a medic student

Assalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Long time no update no? haha

Medic student...maybe a glamorous title...but as soon as you receive this title, the responsibilities that you carry on your shoulder will also become as 'glamorous'...haha

I have just started my block 2 year 2 in manipal and last week was just my 2nd week but masyaAllah...there's so many things to complete in one week that i almost breakdown due to the stress. Self-directed learning (SDL), Problem Based Learning (PBL) the list is endless...

During this time, there always one creature who likes to creep into our unstable state of mind...Yup,Syaitonirrojim...I started to get easily irritated by my friends and all of a sudden felt really lonely. This is when someone posted about the picture above in FB.

People may not know your sufferings but there will always be Allah who accepts you for whoever you are and He always listen to you no matter what you tell Him. Subhanallah...

"Oleh itu, maka (tetapkanlah kepercayaanmu) bahawa sesungguhnya tiap-tiap kesukaran disertai kemudahan"
 (Surah Al-Insyirah 94:5)
Alhamdulillah, at the end of the week all the difficulties pays off...I pass all the subjects in 1st block!!! PBL presentation also went absolutely well! Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! Last Friday night, there was a gathering at Ar-Rayyan (which means the door to Jannah for those who fast) house...I realized then I was blessed with friends that I want to be with Dunya wal Akhirah :')

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah...

Sometimes we may not like the thing that happened but Allah's knows best



Thursday, 16 February 2012

dear blog...

There's a habit of mine that is hard to let go...i like to remember all the embarrassing moment in my life haha (not sure whether this is a good or not XD)

Just now while stalking my old friend in fb, the memory just come flowing in. She is the daughter of one of my school teacher. She thought me English in form 1 and 2 if I'm not mistaken.

Back in form 1 and 2 i was a prefect that has low self-esteem. i had friends back then but i'm not sure whether they are the true friends. i think its more accurate to assume them as just mere former classmates. if any one read this, you must thought "what a self-centered girl you are". actually a lot of things happen during this period of my life that made me lose my trust in friends but its all in the past its time to forget and move on...

Lets forget all the sad memories shall we...

The purpose of my post today is about a funny incident (embarassing of course) that had happen when I was in my form 2 =)

If i remember accurately, the incident happen as the school is back from a one week holiday. At that time, me and family went to my uncle's house in Felda Tersang in Pahang. Along the way we had a short stop at a place which i can't remember the name but it had the word 'jeram' in it which means rapid water (usually where we go for water rafting).

Back in school, as usual we will have lessons for different subjects. the first subject on that day is english. I admit that i was and still very enthusiastic in everything that i do. i guess i was what people designate as the NERDS huhu... My English teacher that day (my friend's mother) asked us how did we spend our holiday. Le me was very excited and was the first one to raise my hand. haha! I started to babble about the wonderful holiday that i spent with my family. My teacher listened to my blabbering and asked one questions where is this 'rejam'?  "Its in Pahang, teacher" le me answered. "Are you sure its 'rejam' not 'jeram'?" teacher asked again. "Yup, i confident its 'rejam'!" my teacher just chuckle a bit and continued with the lessons.


I only realized it was 'jeram' as i was back home. to make it worse, i didn't even know what 'rejam' really means!

you must be thinking, SO WHAT?

1. i was so embarrassed that until today it is very awkward whenever i met the teacher
2. 'rejam' means to stone to death (see what i mean -_-')

The price you must pay to become a nerd - but i'm proud to become one!

Peace [@_@]v

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Doa solat Dhuha

Found this awesome video

InsyaAllah =)




Today is the first time I'm writing an entry into a blog. Before this, I didn't understand the purpose of writing a blog a.k.a a diary visible to the world... but now I think I do…it is to express what you couldn't say in written words (lame "_") 

I woke up quite late today…around 9 am in the morning though for me its actually quite early and I was planning to continue sleeping but I pushed myself to wake up as I was afraid that my housemates Arbain & Atikah who went for MABIT could not open the door which was locked from the inside. As usual as I woke up, I was so hungry that I could eat a whole cow…haha…I made myself a cup of milo and I was planning to have dry bread dip in milo. The dry bread turned out to be extremely awful and I knew it from the very beginning. It happens because I didn’t see the packet carefully before I bought them from dreams the other day. The dry bread actually elaichi (cardamom) flavoured! Yukkkkk! Being a true cheapskate, I kept eating the awfully taste bread until three of them left. I couldn’t make it and I just throw them into the dustbin…Astaghfirullah…I shouldn’t do this next time as being wasteful is a devil's act…

My time was not of full use today. After the 'awesome' breakfast, I decided to watch television. By 10 am, my housemates are back. I was watching Spy Kids 3 and The Island which were awesome! I got hungry again and decided that I want to eat KFC chicken from Prax and I thought that will be nice to have it with white rice plus the leftovers of yesterday's spaghetti sauce…yummy! After lunch, its tv time again! This time me and Arbain watched a US show called "Minutes to Win It". The show requires the contestant to do simple but daunting task in just 60 seconds! Yikes! With simple games like arrange apple into a tower or blowing bubbles into a ring, you can win prize money up to 1 million dollars! By far, the contestants only managed to win 50,000 dollars and that's a huge sum of money if converted to Ringgit Malaysia, it is equal to RM150,000! I can easily bought myself thousands of Iphone 4S with that money! I also used to watch this show in Malaysian version and Indian version but the prize money cannot compare to US.

Here's a preview to the game:

I got bored and then decided to take my long awaited bath…huhu. After a refreshing bath, I got a called from my mother saying that she was picking baju kurung material for me. She said that she was at Jekyll with my aunt who came from Kedah. She said that my cousins is picking cotton silk material for me and what colour shall they bought for me…girls…hehe…

Yummy! (courtesy of 

I was browsing the internet and since I am craving for cheesecake. I decided to make one myself. However, in India it is very hard to find cream cheese (main ingredient for cheesecake) and so my painful journey to making a cheesecake begins. Believe it or not, I was making cream cheese! Oh yeah, it is HOME MADE! Found the steps in Tarla Dalal's page...

It is suppose to be like this

Making a home made cream cheese:

  1. 1 ltr of milk (low-fat or full-cream or both)
  2. 1/2 tbs of citric acid (you can find it in any shop but not sure if in Malaysia)
  3.  1/2 cup of warm water
  1. Boil the milk under medium heat (if you use high heat, the milk will start pouring out when it boils)
  2. Put off the flame and leave it aside for a few minutes.
  3. Dissolve the citric acid in warm water.
  4. Mix the citric acid solution with the hot milk.
  5. Leave the mixture for five minutes and let it curdle by itself.
  6. Filter the curdled milk using a muslin cloth. (it is okay if some of the milk stays with the curd)
  7. If the filtrate is too milky, boil them again and filter again.
  8. Blend the milk curd until it become thick and creamy. 
Walla! Your cream cheese is ready!

  1.  If you cannot find citric acid (in my case, only citric acid available is the one which is the best before date is today), you can also use lemon/lime juice as a substitute. The instructions in Tarla Dalal's page said that just use 1/2 tbsp but I used a whole lime (cause I thought that it is smaller than lemon....hehe) 
  2. Don't worry if you find the cream cheese too milky. Try to store it in the fridge for about a day and you will find that it starts to solidify.
At the end of the day, I could not make a steamed cheese cake because my friend borrowed my steamer :(

p/s: I forgot to mention that I wanted to make a steamed cheesecake