Thursday, 16 February 2012

dear blog...

There's a habit of mine that is hard to let go...i like to remember all the embarrassing moment in my life haha (not sure whether this is a good or not XD)

Just now while stalking my old friend in fb, the memory just come flowing in. She is the daughter of one of my school teacher. She thought me English in form 1 and 2 if I'm not mistaken.

Back in form 1 and 2 i was a prefect that has low self-esteem. i had friends back then but i'm not sure whether they are the true friends. i think its more accurate to assume them as just mere former classmates. if any one read this, you must thought "what a self-centered girl you are". actually a lot of things happen during this period of my life that made me lose my trust in friends but its all in the past its time to forget and move on...

Lets forget all the sad memories shall we...

The purpose of my post today is about a funny incident (embarassing of course) that had happen when I was in my form 2 =)

If i remember accurately, the incident happen as the school is back from a one week holiday. At that time, me and family went to my uncle's house in Felda Tersang in Pahang. Along the way we had a short stop at a place which i can't remember the name but it had the word 'jeram' in it which means rapid water (usually where we go for water rafting).

Back in school, as usual we will have lessons for different subjects. the first subject on that day is english. I admit that i was and still very enthusiastic in everything that i do. i guess i was what people designate as the NERDS huhu... My English teacher that day (my friend's mother) asked us how did we spend our holiday. Le me was very excited and was the first one to raise my hand. haha! I started to babble about the wonderful holiday that i spent with my family. My teacher listened to my blabbering and asked one questions where is this 'rejam'?  "Its in Pahang, teacher" le me answered. "Are you sure its 'rejam' not 'jeram'?" teacher asked again. "Yup, i confident its 'rejam'!" my teacher just chuckle a bit and continued with the lessons.


I only realized it was 'jeram' as i was back home. to make it worse, i didn't even know what 'rejam' really means!

you must be thinking, SO WHAT?

1. i was so embarrassed that until today it is very awkward whenever i met the teacher
2. 'rejam' means to stone to death (see what i mean -_-')

The price you must pay to become a nerd - but i'm proud to become one!

Peace [@_@]v