Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tsunami of Allah's Love

Assalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

Its 11.07 pm here in India and this mere human body of mine has started to feel the tiredness and demand its resting privilege. However, my heart is still feeling tsunami of Allah's love today. Alhamdulillah =)

Starting in the morning, with Allah's love and mercy, I was able to participate in a program called R.I.S.E (Revitalizing Islamic Spiritual Endeavour). Yup, you must be thinking, "Wow, what a fancy name!" (ME too).   It is not just about knowing about the difficulty of our brothers and sisters in other countries like Palestine, Syria and Myanmar. It is much more than that. If you knew, then what would you do? How do you help them? What is your answer in front of Allah when asked about your action to help your Muslim sisters?

First and foremost, start with yourself! Hijrah! Graduate from your Jahiliyyah! Use your ability to spread the goodness, the completeness of Islam as a way of life. You don't need to go to Palestine to do jihad, your jihad against your nafs (temptation) is the greatest jihad.

And then at night, there's a meeting with sisters group LIJ (Ladies in Jannah), we discussed about the ibrah (lessons) that we got from the event in the morning. We also listen to a presentation from one of the sister about the early of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

Today's a great day filled with rahmah from Him. I'm glad I'm surrounded by people who are not hesitate to do anything to receive His love. InsyaAllah, I also want to be one of them.