Saturday, 23 May 2015

A day at Low Yat and a bad day for Abah



Writing is not my passion and thus blogging is always the last thing in my to-do list. This explains why this entry is the first entry in about 2 years. Haha. I started this blog to improve my writing in English and if possible to document my life here which is impossible due to my laziness. 

A brief intro about my self again.

My name is Nursyahirah binti Johari. I'm 25 years old currently studying in Melaka-Manipal Medical College. I just entered final year (Alhamdulillah) after passing the worst exam ever in my life. I'm a very enthusiastic person and I love talking to people but the problem is I always do not know to initiate the conversation first. I love to cook and eat my cooking. Hehe.

Today, my father decided to unsubscribe all Astro service in our house. Its not worth paying for repeated programs and bad service during rainy days. Therefore, I suggested to my father that what if we buy a Chromecast dongle for the TV. What is that? 

Its a small device which can mirror your android device (smartphones) or laptop to your TV. Yes, you can use your TV to watch Youtube and other videos (Read: Korean Drama) in HD quality. 

And so me, my father and my sister went to search for this thing at Low Yat Plaza in KL. Most of the shops sold an alternative to Chromecast which is Miracast. A doppleganger maybe? I did some research on these 2 and most said that Chromecast is better than the other one. While cruising through the shops, we bought a high power wireless router. The wifi signals in my house are not reachable in certain places. We hope with a more powerful router, the signal can reach further. 

I learned a few things about how to extend your wireless signal in your house from the uncle working in the shop:

1) Use a wifi repeater/extender 
2) Change to a new powerful router with bigger antenna
3) Place another router to the place with less signal while connecting it to a long cable.

So, we chose 2. My dad tried to bargain but the uncle insisted that he had given the best price. My father finally bought the router for RM150 cash.

However, today is truly not a good that for my father. 

1) We found the same router with much cheaper price. 
2) A car parked to close to our car's driver seat and my father had to crawl his way in from the other 'side. (p/s: My sis took the pleasure to write a lovely message on his dusty windscreen)
3) My mum just got back from her trip from Indonesia. She bought jeans and leather belt for my father. Jeans too tight, belt too short. 

We decided to buy the dongle online which is much more convenient and cheaper. 

Ok, too lazy to continue. Healer oppa is waiting for me to watch him in action. 



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