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Today is the first time I'm writing an entry into a blog. Before this, I didn't understand the purpose of writing a blog a.k.a a diary visible to the world... but now I think I do…it is to express what you couldn't say in written words (lame "_") 

I woke up quite late today…around 9 am in the morning though for me its actually quite early and I was planning to continue sleeping but I pushed myself to wake up as I was afraid that my housemates Arbain & Atikah who went for MABIT could not open the door which was locked from the inside. As usual as I woke up, I was so hungry that I could eat a whole cow…haha…I made myself a cup of milo and I was planning to have dry bread dip in milo. The dry bread turned out to be extremely awful and I knew it from the very beginning. It happens because I didn’t see the packet carefully before I bought them from dreams the other day. The dry bread actually elaichi (cardamom) flavoured! Yukkkkk! Being a true cheapskate, I kept eating the awfully taste bread until three of them left. I couldn’t make it and I just throw them into the dustbin…Astaghfirullah…I shouldn’t do this next time as being wasteful is a devil's act…

My time was not of full use today. After the 'awesome' breakfast, I decided to watch television. By 10 am, my housemates are back. I was watching Spy Kids 3 and The Island which were awesome! I got hungry again and decided that I want to eat KFC chicken from Prax and I thought that will be nice to have it with white rice plus the leftovers of yesterday's spaghetti sauce…yummy! After lunch, its tv time again! This time me and Arbain watched a US show called "Minutes to Win It". The show requires the contestant to do simple but daunting task in just 60 seconds! Yikes! With simple games like arrange apple into a tower or blowing bubbles into a ring, you can win prize money up to 1 million dollars! By far, the contestants only managed to win 50,000 dollars and that's a huge sum of money if converted to Ringgit Malaysia, it is equal to RM150,000! I can easily bought myself thousands of Iphone 4S with that money! I also used to watch this show in Malaysian version and Indian version but the prize money cannot compare to US.

Here's a preview to the game:

I got bored and then decided to take my long awaited bath…huhu. After a refreshing bath, I got a called from my mother saying that she was picking baju kurung material for me. She said that she was at Jekyll with my aunt who came from Kedah. She said that my cousins is picking cotton silk material for me and what colour shall they bought for me…girls…hehe…

Yummy! (courtesy of 

I was browsing the internet and since I am craving for cheesecake. I decided to make one myself. However, in India it is very hard to find cream cheese (main ingredient for cheesecake) and so my painful journey to making a cheesecake begins. Believe it or not, I was making cream cheese! Oh yeah, it is HOME MADE! Found the steps in Tarla Dalal's page...

It is suppose to be like this

Making a home made cream cheese:

  1. 1 ltr of milk (low-fat or full-cream or both)
  2. 1/2 tbs of citric acid (you can find it in any shop but not sure if in Malaysia)
  3.  1/2 cup of warm water
  1. Boil the milk under medium heat (if you use high heat, the milk will start pouring out when it boils)
  2. Put off the flame and leave it aside for a few minutes.
  3. Dissolve the citric acid in warm water.
  4. Mix the citric acid solution with the hot milk.
  5. Leave the mixture for five minutes and let it curdle by itself.
  6. Filter the curdled milk using a muslin cloth. (it is okay if some of the milk stays with the curd)
  7. If the filtrate is too milky, boil them again and filter again.
  8. Blend the milk curd until it become thick and creamy. 
Walla! Your cream cheese is ready!

  1.  If you cannot find citric acid (in my case, only citric acid available is the one which is the best before date is today), you can also use lemon/lime juice as a substitute. The instructions in Tarla Dalal's page said that just use 1/2 tbsp but I used a whole lime (cause I thought that it is smaller than lemon....hehe) 
  2. Don't worry if you find the cream cheese too milky. Try to store it in the fridge for about a day and you will find that it starts to solidify.
At the end of the day, I could not make a steamed cheese cake because my friend borrowed my steamer :(

p/s: I forgot to mention that I wanted to make a steamed cheesecake

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